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what's happenin' business people of the internet?!
Welcome To chinelle ro | design co.

so, i design logos + websites + other things like that.
take a look a look around and holla if you need me.


i like to consider myself a go-getter...

I go get groceries. I go get my kids from school. I go get dinner ready...All true.
But I also am pretty ambitious.
I just launched my 3rd business venture and making plans for my 4th and largest one yet!
I have a passion for design and helping others achieve the vibes they want for their businesses. 

I dabble, too.

I offer all kinds of services. Want a new logo? I got you!
Need a custom shirt? Holla at me!
Watercolor? I can do that, too. 
I'm always open to trying new things, so if you don't see something in my shop, just ask me about it. 


my mission

is to make your brand's vibes match your personality,
let's make that happen!