Over here, we have fun creating things that are unique to you and your vision - whether that is modern and simplistic or abstract and artistic - I GOT YOU!

what are you even looking for?


When you have a general idea or business plan, but no clue about the direction you would like to take it, I'm here for you. We can brainstorm together about potential names, your goals and ways you can try to achieve them, and the next steps that you could or should be taking to make your business epic.

logo design

If you have the basics in order, it's time to make a stellar first and lasting impression on your clients. Let's work together to develop a logo that matches you and your business that you can be proud of. The goal is to make sure the look of your business represents your core and draws in the clients get you. 

Website Design

A web presence is EVERYTHING in this day and age. Like, who even are you if you don't have one? We work together to build on your brand and create a website that screams "I AM FREAKING AMAZING". With a great site, your clients will take you seriously and be more willing to invest in what you have to offer.

What I can do to help you


name development
goal - refinement
marketing ideas

vector icons

squarespace + Prophoto
copywriting + editing
stock photo creation


We get down a little differently here, with live design meetings!

stop waiting around for emails and having weeks-long design processes.  
After you complete your questionnaire, we set a date and time to "meetup" and screenshare.
This means LIVE REVISIONS for a smoother and less drawn out process.
Final logo files sent within minutes of the end of the meeting and websites installed and live within one week. 
all you need is a free join.me account and internet access and we will be golden!

meeting times will be on Mondays, tuesdays, thursdays, & fridays between 10am-1pm est