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meet the designer

Well, hello there my fellow Internet (<–why did auto-correct make me capitalize that?) user. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me , I’m truly humbled that you’re here. First off, I’m HAPPILY married (sorry fellas) to an amazing guy. I am also a mom of three awesome tiny humans; two boys and a little girl. They keep my days very interesting to say the least.

I like to consider myself a bit of a go-getter...I go get groceries. I go get the kids from school. I go get the laundry out of the dryer... But I've also started and maintained three businesses over the years. So, that's cool too, I guess. 

 I’m a photographer and brand designer. No, I didn’t go to school for either, but I’d like to think that I’m quite good at what I do, regardless. I’m proof that you can be a 4-time college dropout and still be successful (I’m not dumb, I just don’t like having to do homework. So me and college didn’t quite get along) I’ve been dubbed “the selfie queen” by my photographer peers (but I’ve also seen some REALLY awesome self portrait photographers that I’d say are far better than me!). Self portraits are kind of my thing. I don’t shoot clients as often as I would like to, so I hook up my makeup and keep my skills sharp by photographing myself (It’s fun to pretend I’m a model even though I am too awkward to stand, let alone walk, in heels…plus I’m not very tall.lol). I really want to be shooting births and shooting video “commercials” for my fellow small business owners.

I find myself being a brand designer most, though. I help small businesses, mostly photographers, create an identity that fits their personality for their business. I design custom, often hand drawn, logos, prophoto blog-sites, and print collateral for them. My facebook page for that has over 20,000 followers (that’s a lot of people!) I think it’s a pretty fun way to get my creative juices flowing. Plus, I get to regularly work with people who aren’t even in the same country as me, like Great Britain, Australia, and our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada, aye. Maybe one day we can meet (or meet again), my dear Internet user. Maybe we will have the opportunity to work together or see each other in passing… Until then, never give up on your dreams, no matter your age!